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History of Laserwars

Lasertag became popular in the late 1990’s. It became a fun and interesting way for kid’s birthday party, after school recreation, and also a team building tool for corporate events. Its origin began at United States of America as a training facility for US military around 1970’s. The first commercial toy version of the game was released in a form of Star Trek Electronic Phaser Gun set. But it was George Carter III who designed an arena based game, which can be the first role model of modern Lasertag gaming today found all over the world. The evolution of Lasertag gaming happened from the 1990’s as equipment and technology improved over the years. Those who are not familiar with Lasertag equipment, it consists of guns and vest. The gun generally shoots infrared light. The infrared light is safe in contact with human eye and body. On the other hand the vest has sensors which are sensitive to infrared light. But during playing a low powered visible lasers are also included in the gun for visual purposes only. The equipment’s were developed over the years by many companies. Tiger electronics, ToyMax’s, Tomy’s Electronics Survivor Shot are the pioneers in developed to the equipment’s. The game started to expand globally around the 2000’s in Europe, China, Russia, South Korea and Japan. Almost all of them had a unique cultural flavored adopted to the game in region it started. South East Asia, did not fall behind. The game reached Thailand and Malaysia soon after. And local tournaments became a festival seasonally. For Bangladesh it did could some times to reach the game. One of the only arena of Lasertag gaming was brought by Laserwars facilitate in Banani, Dhaka. And it did not took much time to gain recognition. And now planning to expand the game all over the country, by spreading love of gaming and friendship. Laserwars has also plan to franchise its equipment’s, to help other interested to join the Lasertag gaming business. As more and more people are now willing to take a test to something new. This is why Lasertag is growing into popularity.