Hosting a wonderful Birthday

Laserwars was pleased to host a birthday event for the first time on 5th September with some young Lasertag players. The birthday created an environment like never before here at Laserwars surrounded by red balloons and festoons. As any other gaming arcades, we always welcome any customers to host an event on Laserwars. Birthday happens to be one of them. Till now we have hosted various events for our customers. Even for our own friends for the opening of Laserwars. But birthday was not hosted for no other customers before this particular birthday of Aarad Safa, celebrating with his friends & family. They have visited Laserwars and played Lasertag only a couple of time, which have made them one the biggest fans of the game. It truly is a joy to watch young school students play Lasertag by running all around the arena in combat with their friends. But one little thing we all felt is that us, the Laserwars Owners are all now grown up and wish we could have a Lasertag birthday when we were of that age. A week before the birthday, Aarad Safa contacted us, if they could host a birthday party on Laserwars, Banani. We gladly accepted their formal request and fixed the date of the birthday. For any event we always book the whole place for the designated customers who have issued the book for the event. Thus the whole place was open only for them. Now we definitely wanted to greet them in the best way possible. As it was a birthday, we decorated the place with some red balloons and arrange a sitting place for the birthday cake cutting celebration. The time was set from 5-7pm. We even arranged a birthday cake for them to celebrate. And once the time came, they arrived in a pack with their family and friends. A total of 15 youngster were welcomed with warm heart by our staffs. Some of us, the owners joined as well. And the

wonderful Lasertag birthday celebration began. They straight ahead went to play the games by taking in hand the laser guns and wearing the vest. It did took some time to group up in teams of two among them and begin the Lasertag battle. The first game mode they played was confrontation. As soon as the trumpet of start blow with game music in the Laserwars arena, they all clashed into battle among them. Hiding behind walls and picking out to shoot laser beams towards each other. Some of them went forward to the wall in front to take better cover and position. And the score board was filling up with points from laser beams hitting onto the vest. As per winning condition of confrontation game mode, the team with the highest number of rating points wins the game. The game duration as standard is always ten minutes. Rating points is awarded when a player hits his opponent or kills him. As a warning of the game to end, the vest always start flickering for the last 10 seconds. They young players were all over the arena. As over 15 players were playing at the same time. It true was difficult to keep track of an individual player. A moment ago, you can see a player that you think is doing well, but vanishes somewhere into the arena.
Also the Laserwars place got really noisy, as they screamed and shouted every time something exciting happens with them. The sound could even be heard from outside the arena and in the entrance of Laserwars. It truly was a chaotic event going around. But every one of them and us were enjoying the moment. And finally 10 minutes came to an end, so was the game. I don’t actually remember who won the first match. Was it the birthday boys’ team or the team in his opponent? But surely they had a lot of fun playing the first match. But after every match as per tradition all players came out to see the score. Who ever won, shouted out with victory joy. Laserwars is an energetic game. Running all-around the arena and shooting, defending, hiding can consume a lot of energy. Thus we encourage the players to take a small break and have some refreshment drinks. And thus they did, by sitting around each other and discussing about the game they had. Some even became a bit expert in the game, giving others advice on how to perhaps play even better. But soon they were ready for the next game. And the moved inside into the arena, and started playing more lasertags. Perhaps this time they might have played a different game mode. As we offer more than 21 game modes to play from. But actively

currently we offer 5 of them among them. In total the birthday celebrating group played 3 games. And after the final game we all invited them to the sitting area that we have arranged for them.They all gathered and sat down, with the Aarad Safa the birthday boy in the center of them all. As they gathered all around a chocolate forest cake was brought to them to enjoy on. A lot of fun singing of “Happy birthday to Aarad Safa" was sang by all present there. Making it a great moment to have with family and friends, if you think from their prospective. Thus everyone enjoyed the cake and other side dishes with drinks available for them. After that the event came to a conclusion with happy memories and something different on a birthday, could be taken home by all of them. Thus Laserwars decided to give more priority to birthday’s than any other kind of events. A special 30% discount has been declared for birthday event. So please take a chance at a new way to celebrate your birthday.