About LaserWars

Why LaserWars

Day after day LASERWAR grows and brings joy to its customers with innovative developments. We keep step with the progress and implement the most advanced technologies into our production. Our unique arena has become a milestone in the laser tag world. From our psychedelic UV artwork to our uniquely designed maze, Laserwars will give you an experience to remember. *Our guns are all SMG replicas and have sound and vibration feel to make the most realistic laser shooting experience possible.

Our Goals

Five friends started Laserwars with a dream to create the best laser tag experience in Bangladesh. Before starting our venture we toured and learned from as many Lasertag arenas worldwide as we could. We wanted the most realistic experience with the guns while incorporating the most surreal environment possible. Safety was also of utmost importance to our arena development. In the future we look forward to further developing the unique artwork and the up effects of our arena. New game modes and tournaments are also underway. We hope you will make Laserwars your ultimate gaming destination in Bangladesh!